Retirement Positioning System

If you’re planning a trip or need to be somewhere important, you’ve probably used GPS to find the best route. This convenient technology can plan around construction delays, toll roads, or avoiding highways, providing you an efficient way to reach your destination. Why not have a similar tool for your retirement plan? Welcome to the Retirement Positioning System (RPS), a proprietary software solution designed to be your ultimate guide for comprehensive retirement planning.

At Strategic Tax & Retirement we feel that having the best tools for retirement planning is critical to our client’s financial success. After several endeavors with other financial planning software products, our founder, Greg Nelson felt extreme frustration. Greg’s experience found that while somewhat useful, the available software lacked key components to truly develop a comprehensive financial plan. For this reason, Greg set out to develop his own software called the Retirement Positioning System (RPS) that is unrivaled in the financial service industry today.

Read below to better understand how the innovation of RPS can help you integrate a plethora of financial aspects....

Is it possible you're saving too much in your 401(k) ? What happens if you remain in a high tax bracket during retirement and now your nest egg is completely taxable? What if taxes increase? Could you possibly plan to live tax-free during retirement?
How would your lifestyle change due to the loss of a spouse? Could long-term care costs decimate your savings?
Retirement can last decades, does your current investment strategy satisfy each of your near, medium, and long range goals, or are you hoping for the best?
When do you and your current advisor review your current plan? Would you prefer a proactive or reactive approach?
Life can change instantly for better or worse. Only by mutual understanding and open communication with you can we effectively work together towards the lifestyle you desire.
Could delaying Social Security be beneficial? What is the most efficient means to draw your pension? What solutions might offer more tax-free income?